Health Facility Registration System (HFR)



Health Facility Registry (HFR) is a system for registration of both Public and Private Health Facilities in Tanzania Mainland. The system is integrated with the Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GEPG) to facilitate Payments for Registration, permits/licenses, Annual Fee and any other payment.

With HFR, the following can be performed:-

  • Electronic Request for new and renewal of Public and Private Health Facility Registration (including Health Centres, Dispensaries, Hospitals, Clinics, Standalone Pharmacy, Optometric, Nursing homes, Radiology and Laboratory).

  • Registration request channeled through various levels including DMO inspection, RMO verification of Inspection and Ministry Approval and issuance of Certificate.

  • Generate different kinds of reports such as quarterly, semi-annual and annual summary of Registered, pending, disapproved requests and Payment Reports


Instructions on how to apply for Health Facility Registration


Stage 1: Registration for user account:

Register for an account in our system through the button (register).

Note: to register for an account in the registration system you will need to supply the following details:

  • First name
  • Surname/Last name
  • Valid Email Address<
  • Phone number
  • Home District
  • And lastly fill in the characters captcha as will be shown in the page, i.e. Captcha then click register button at the bottom to register for an account.

If you are successfully registered, then the system will send an email to your email address, please log into your email account to activate your user account

Stage 2: Make Application:

  • When you are successfully logged into your account you will find notification that your account is successfully activated.
  • On the left hand side, you will find the Menu item named "Facility Requests". Please Click on it
  • On clicking "Facility Requests", on the right hand will open up with a button called "Register New". You click on it
  • You will be presented with the form that will require some information. The form is user friend in such you will input information only desirable for your application.
  • Note: The very first page do have basic details, other information will be available after clicking on the "Next>>" button
  • And lastly fill in the information for more details(e.g. service provided, infrastructure) as will be shown in the next page, then click "Submit" button at the bottom to submit your application.

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